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Aeration & Overseeding for a Dense, Verdant Lawn

Core aeration, a specialized procedure at Horizon Lawn & Landscape, involves extracting soil plugs from your lawn with the help of machinery. By perforating the ground, we enable deeper root penetration and mitigate soil compression. Following this, overseeding ensures grass seeds are deeply implanted into the lawn, enhancing their prospects for strong growth.

Lawn aeration, a cornerstone of our services, offers an array of benefits such as:

  1. Promoting a vigorous and lush lawn.
  2. Boosting the root system by augmenting the absorption of water, oxygen, and essential nutrients.
  3. Fostering deeper root development in the soil.
  4. Assisting in effective weed management.
  5. Facilitating enhanced water penetration, reaching greater soil depths.
  6. Spurring the decomposition of thatch due to soil microorganisms.
  7. Ensuring successful outcomes from annual lawn seeding.
  8. Minimizing the wastage of vital fertilizers by preventing runoff from compacted regions.

Trust Horizon Lawn & Landscape to provide your lawn with consistent aeration and fertilization annually.

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